Training/Hunt Testing

Well, I jokingly suggested we do some quads at PCA traning day or Fri. so this afternoon I figured I'd better try one first.  It's 32 degrees, blowing 30-40 mph, and sleeting so I wasn't about to set up the launchers.  Plus, I only have 3.  Instead, the way I did it I think would be harder.  I started with Scout alone at remote sit, walked 70 paces out to left, threw and shot primer pistol, moved to right, threw and shot, moved further out to right, threw and shot, and again moved right to about 120 yards, threw and shot.   Scout had sneaked up about 5 yards which he always likes to do.  I yelled at him to sit but he couldn't hear me at all in the wind.  He didn't try moving any closer. Walked back and sent him from my side.  He had no problem lining himself up for the one he wanted next. I didn't help.  He had one short hunt on the second mark down.  The cover is up enough now so the canvas bumpers were not visible but they were well scented over night in a bucket with some very smelly ducks I forgot to throw out.  I'd forgot my whistle so couldn't have handled if I'd wanted to.

Beau was next and did even a little better, only in that he took each one in correct order; also lined himself up.  He laid down to eat grass as I walked between throws, then sat up to watch soon as I disappeared behind cover or stopped.  Scout had mixed up his order but that's ok. It's neat when they heel up fast and look directly at the next mark they want; telling you they know exactly where to go.  I wasn't about to stick around to do anything else.   My fingers were already freezing.  I don't believe I've ever done a quad in this fashion.  It was fun. 




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