Training Notes


Using two of the legs of taught confidence blinds I set one winger just to right of line to the right side blind throwing to right, the other I set throwing over the line to the left blind, right to left. Blinds 170 yards, wingers 80. 
With Beau first I remotely launched the left mark, than the right.  I handled him off the mark past the winger to the right blind.  He did that ok but not without starting for the mark first.  It took some handling but no pressure.  He did the right mark next, than the left, followed by the left blind under the arc of that left mark.  No handling other then for the first blind.  No problem at all with the marks. 
Scout next.  Attempted same scenario. Could not keep him off the right mark, even with light pressure.  Gave up.  He lined the blind next, left mark, and than the left blind. 
Switched the order for Beau.  Throw sequence:  Right mark, left mark; picked up left blind first, right blind 2nd., than right mark, and left mark last.  This time he knew exactly what I wanted. Ignored the marks, did the taught blinds first and than the marks.

I didn't make it that difficult for Scout.  I repeated the marks as singles sending for the blind first than the mark.  He did the first blind fine without handling than the mark.  On the next one he insisted he would pick up the mark first.  I moved way up.  Called him in and resent for the blind.  He went correctly.   Beat a path back to the line for delivery and sent him for the mark.  Repeated same scenario and he did it correctly. 



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