Training Notes


I haven't run a triple set up for a long time, been busy with various drills, etc. but did Sat. and today in a new place I haven't used since last fall.  I was very disappointed in how it went Sat., especially for Scout.   He was all over the place and even completely missed seeing the first mark in spite of the 209 primer the winger fires.  Beau was not a lot better.  I hate repeating the same marks as the first failure may only lead to more.  But I was frustrated enough to give it another shot.   It helped.  I even gave Scout 3 chances.  By that time he had settled down and was back to his normal self.  I definitely have to do more full set ups.   When they see the wingers going out they both start getting a little nuts and that leads to problems.  

Today I came home a lot more satisfied, although it was Beau's turn to screw up.  I used ducks for the first time since FL.  Still, they were a lot more relaxed then yesterday.  They had a steep run down hill  through a long deep artificial pit excavated for fill, then back up onto level ground for the two memory marks.  The go mark was close and easy, 40 yards.  Beau lined that then hunted all over creation for the two memory marks.  He brought them in but was definitely out of the area of the falls on both.

Scout made my day.  Excellent work on the triple.  I had a three leg pattern blind at this location from last year and noticed one of my org. ribbons was still hanging on a tree.  I dropped the 3 ducks by it without letting them see where and drove to the old starting line on top of a huge dirt mound now grown up with weeds.  Matt, you know the spot.  

Anyway, moving on, Beau needed a few whistles and Scout lined it in a stiff cross wind.  I'm not sure if he remembered it or got lucky.  The last time he ran that line was early Sept. last year. 



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