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Scout Florida , Feb '07 

During our 2 month winter escape from WI to the ice free water of FL this shot of Scout was taken exiting the water during a Senior Hunt test .  I had originally entered both Beau and Scout in Master for this test but there simply was not enough time to get them ready.  They had no water training back in WI since Sept., too cold. Before entries closed I made the decision to move back to Senior, a title they both already own just for practice.  They  passed with flying colors. 

A Senior test involves two separate series, land and water, good control coming to the line off lead, no collar, steadiness as two marks fall, one dead duck the other a flyer that's shot. The dog cannot leave the line until the judge calls it's number.  After retrieving the double on which ever series is first the dog is lined up and sent for a blind retrieve.  That's also the case for the second series if it is called back after the first one.  Blinds are birds the dog has not seen fall.  It takes handling to put the dog on the bird.  During one of the two series the dog must also honor the working dog.  That is to say it must sit quietly next to it's handler where it can easily see both marks while the working dog leaves for it's first retrieve.  The honor dog cannot break or interfere in any way with the working dog.  It must stay put until excused by the judge. 

I've also been campaigning Scout in PCA's (Poodle Club of America) new medallion program.  He has already qualified for the Bronze and Silver.  Two more PCA approved passes will qualify  him for the Gold. The requirements for gold are 15 total passes all earned since 2005.  Five can be from other venue's licensed hunt tests equal to or greater then PCA's WCX tests.   The WCX (working certificate excellent) consists of double marks on land and water with an honor but no blind.  Scout's 5, other then PCA, came with  4 AKC Senior Hunter passes, that earned him the title, plus a UKC Finished pass.  In order to count the remaining 10 can be either WC or WCX passes but have to be earned at a PCA or affiliated club event.   Scout is entered in the WC and WCX  at  PCA's National Specialty this Jun. '07, in Salisbury, Maryland.  If he passes both he will be one of the first poodles to receive Gold , all medallions earned to date will be awarded at this years ('07) PCA National.  Watch for pictures. 




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