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Scout's Hunting Titles and Pedigree


HRCH Cosmic Mountain Scout SH, call name Scout is Beau's half brother, same dam. He was born 07/06/2003.  He is a cream male, 26 inches and 70 pounds.  He has his UKC Hunting Retriever Champion (HRCH) title, which required 4 Finished passes, and his AKC Senior Hunter (SH) title.  He's made it to the last series of 4 AKC Master tests.  I'll keep entering him but his down fall is my lack of training expertise and technical ponds to use for the water handling skills required to pass a Master test these days.  Marking is not his problem. 


Scout's sire, Powder, owned by Grace L. Blair MD, Cosmic Poodles, in Montana, breeder of both our 2 male poodles, has two MH legs and has run as test dog in field trials to rave reviews at the Qualified level.  

Scout's Pedigree


Gary and Scout soon after arriving in Sheridan, MT, with Grace Blair, MD, Scout's breeder.  My friend Dan flew me out to pick up Scout in his single engine plane.  The top of the mountains were covered in clouds.  Dan didn't feel like going over the top on instruments.   He picked a nice safe passage route a little to the North, which was fine with me. Grace said that was a smart maneuver.  She was a stunt pilot at one time and owned her own plane.  She gave us room and board for the night, plus showed us how Powder runs a quarter mile out to the main road to get the paper each morning.   We took off  the next morning in great weather for a very scenic trip home.  Scout slept silently the entire 8 hour trip back with one potty break in Aberdeen, SD when we stopped for fuel.  I tried to get him to look out the window at the fields where he would be hunting pheasants the next year but he wasn't that interested.  He sure is now.  Thanks Grace for the opportunity to own a very driven hunting retriever that's a joy to live with. 


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