Training/Hunt Testing

Beau's first finished pass


This is at Sioux Falls, SD '04 at the Dakota HRC preliminary hunt. He aced the land triple. On returning the last mark there was a diversion bird thrown which is normally picked up immediately. Not the case this time. It was a poison bird. First he had to run the 100 yard blind between the right and center marks. Man, did he want that diversion bird laying there in plain sight 15 yards away. That's exactly where he started. One immediate stop whistle, a right angle back cast, and he nailed the blind, then picked up the diversion. Water came next. Another triple with the go bird coming from behind directly over our head landing with a big splash 20 yards out in running water. Why he didn't break with all the shooting I'll never know. Here he's on his way for the last and long memory mark prior to a measured 100 yard blind in opposite direction down the shoreline (all swimming) directly in line with the previous right hand memory mark. He barely made it through the honor and passed






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