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Callie's Orlando Poodle Club WC First Test

Helen ran Callie in the WC (working certificate) test hosted by the Orlando Poodle Club at a privately owned ranch near a little town called Montverde, Fl. in Mar. '07. Callie was then 8 months old.  The WC  is a Poodle Club of America (PCA) test designed for beginning level field work.  It consists of two single marks on land and two in water.  Chukars were used on land and ducks for the water retrieves.  Distances are not great, approximately 40 yards on land, light cover, and about 30 on water.

Helen is just getting started handling Callie.  I had told her to blow that "come" whistle the second Callie reached for the bird.  Little did I realize just how good Callie's recall had progressed.  She ran straight and fast directly to the chukar.  Helen's "come" whistle was a tiny bit too fast, actually a fraction of a second before she had the bird.  Callie spun around and raced back as told but without her chukar. 

She was good as good can be on the water test.  Nice leaping no hesitation entries and retrieved both ducks back to Helen, heeled and held for a perfect to hand delivery.  However, she was failed for blinking the chukar on land.  I do not believe she actually blinked (refused to pick it up) the bird.  She simply obeyed the recall whistle before she had it.  Helen sent her again and this time she grabbed it up, even posed for her picture as you can see, during her speedy return.  Poodles love cameras.  She also pinned the second mark.  Although it wasn't a pass Helen was very proud of Callie as well she should have been. 

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