Hunting Stories

Beau SD

Beau's first ND duck hunt, 2003, at exactly 2 years old.


Once I decided where to start I walked in decoys and a portable blind the afternoon before. Just prior to sunset, while preparing my evening meal, I noticed hundreds of mallards dropping in about a half mile away just out of sight over a hill. I had to go see and discovered a bonanza but saved that spot for later. I had a mixed bag limit the next morning within 30 minutes on my original set up and scouted new country the rest of the day. I didn't hunt the following morning at all. I waited until 3:00 PM to walk into the honey hole, it was loaded. I had no choice but to chase them off, put out a half dozen decoys, plop down and wait. I threw a gunny sack over Beau. I didn't have long to wait. I shot only drakes and worked on keeping Beau steady until sent. That didn't always work. I had hip boots but didn't need them. Beau was on every bird I dropped including a double. I was done in less then an hour and stayed until almost dark watching as flock after flock of mallards piled in.






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