Training/Hunt Testing

Big Rock January 07


Big Rock is a pay to hunt shooting preserve in west central WI.  Dan Cardinal, a good friend and hunting companion, his son Danny, owner of the wirehair shown above, and Helen and I, paid for the release of 18 roosters.  This was Callie's first ever hunt and a gaining experience hunt for Danny's 10 month old wirehair.  Callie was 6 months old.  Beau and Scout were along to make sure not too many birds went unfound.  Obviously, starting out Callie had no clue what was up.  We let her have first crack all alone.  It didn't take her long to put up a rooster.  It fell dead in the open.  She was on it right now but it was the first pheasant she had ever seen. All the loose feathers in her mouth confused her.  She tried picking it up but it did not happen. 

As the day progressed we shot several chukars besides our roosters and Callie started to catch on.  She finally stopped chasing Beau and Scout around when out together and actually hunted, even flushed a couple birds on her own.  However, it wasn't until we finished up that her retrieving improved.  With a little encouragement and training she quickly learned to pick up fresh shot birds, retrieve them and deliver to hand at heel besides.  Here she's dragging a lead just in case she decided to keep the bird for her self.  Nice delivery Callie.

We ended the day with 11 roosters and 8 chukars.  The dogs flushed all but one of the 18 roosters, 7 escaped unharmed due to some very poor shooting.  Helen was along for the exercise and had a great time.  Maybe next year I can talk her into cleaning the birds.  I don't think so. 






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